Terms & Conditions for Rental ​

Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson (“we” or “us”) is committed to protecting and respecting the household, neighbours and local residents. Our Terms & Conditions are for the safety and protection of you (the room-mate), other room-mate's and Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson.

To be legally compliant and to maintain our insurance, you must read and electronically sign our T&Cs. Please click here, which will open these in a new window. Also, ensure you read our next steps and expectations below.

Room Agreement Next Steps 


  1. This will have been sent via text message and is legally compliant.

  2. Your room is not legally binding without an employer reference.

  3. Any questions must be sent to Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson via the text number given for viewing.

  4. All terms are subject to change.

  5. Monthly fees are subject to change with no more than 3% increase in any 12 month duration of your stay.

  6. If any perceived risk is considered to yourself, other's or the property at anytime we reserve the right to immediately terminate our agreement. 

  7. Safety is paramount.

Room Termination & Departure
  1. 30 days notice by either party is required for room termination, unless there are exceptional circumstances and this is by the discretion of Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson only.

  2. Exceptional circumstances are considered on an individual basis, not as a general rule.

  3. Exceptional circumstances requiring immediate termination are inline with your signed T&Cs at the start of your commercial agreement to rent a room at Riverside Court.

  4. Where there is perceived risk of loss, harm or stress Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson retains the rights to immediate termination for all parties concerned.

  5. You room with all your personal belongings removed must be done by 10am on agreed date of departure.

  6. You room, bathroom, cupboard space, fridge and freezer space must be fully cleaned and left as found.

  7. All bedding must be washed dried and bed made, leaving the room as found.

  8. Any deductions for damage to your room, other space, uncleaned areas or missing items such as bedding will be notified to you by text within 48 working hours. 

  9. Final deposit, if there are any adjustments,  must be agreed before the deposit can be released. As per your commercial room T&Cs your deposit will be refunded within 10 working days of departure, or agreement of deposit amount where deductions have been made. Your bank details must be supplied by text or email.

  10. Time taken to clean your room and space or remove belongings will be charged at £50.00 per hour (no VAT) and deducted from your deposit.

  11. Any large items not removed will be charged at normal council rates for removal and deducted from your deposit.

  12. If belongings and your key are not returned by 10am on your departure date Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson reserves the right to remove them from the property and leave them to the side of the property for your collection. A charge of £95.00 +VAT will be charged by the local locksmith for changing the household locks.

  13. Any personal property still left uncollected within 48 hours of departure date will be taken to the nearest charity shop and community tip.


​Confidentiality, Data Protection & GDPR Compliancy 

Confidentiality and safety is paramount and will be maintained by Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson in all but the most exceptional circumstances.


When you have been approved to stay at Riverside Court, you agree that such exceptional circumstances may include: legal action (criminal or civil court cases where a court order is made demanding disclosure, including coroners’ courts), child abuse, if I am in imminent danger to myself or others; and where there is good cause to believe that not to disclose would cause danger of serious harm to others. It is also expected that reasonable behaviour of yourself and other's, not excluding neighbours and local residents is a given. 

Dr. Zoë Douglas-Judson aims at all times to follow the national code of ethics, fairness and reasonableness and we expect the same of other's staying or visiting the property. Any breach or risk of the above to yourself, the property or others will impose an immediate termination from the property, with no notice.  

Consent & Personal Declaration


Once you have made your decision to stay at the property, we accept payment of your deposit as consent to reasonable behaviour. Once your deposit is paid you will be required to provide your consent to the T&Cs in the link provided. This can be done by clicking the link embedded into your text message or here; Consent, Terms & Conditions.




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